At YCC, we’re serious about affordable, quality, Christian education. Let me welcome you to
a new chapter in your life – a life changing chapter if you will accept the challenge of a Christian
education in the heart of the Northern Plains.  

YCC, with our distinctively Northwestern personality, is excited to have you on campus to learn
and grow in your spiritual and educational walk.  


•  All studies integrated around Christ as the Truth.

•  YCC offers affordable tuition and multiple scholarships resulting in 85% of our students graduating without
   college debt.

•  The location of YCC in the heart of the Yellowstone River Valley, within sight of the Beartooth Mountains, lends
   itself to unique outdoor recreational activities.

•  Students, faculty, and administration get to know each other, building friendships that can last a lifetime.

•  Each student’s participation in a local church and personal ministry provides nurture, encouragement, and
   accountability necessary for individual spiritual growth.

•  The 35,000 item theological library provides excellent resources for Christian education for both students and
   local churches.

At YCC, your future is bright.  I am pleased that you have joined us. I promise you a rewarding personal and
educational experience.

President  Bruce Cannon
M.Div.; M.Ed.