Yellowstone Christian College may grant academic and partial financial credit, on a case by case basis, to those
students who have completed the same, or substantially the same, subjects on a post-secondary level, certain
certification exams, and military training.

Students must arrange for official college/university transcripts to be sent to Yellowstone Christian College,
along with the former school’s catalog with course descriptions. Written verification in the form of a transcript
must be in the student’s academic file before credit will be given.

Up to 90 semester credits may be transferred into a Bachelor of Arts degree program at YCC.
Up to 30 semester credits may be transferred into an Associate of Arts program at YCC.

Grades of “C” or better will be considered for transfer credit.

Students transferring from a non-accredited institution may transfer a limited number of credits. Such credits
will be transferred after students have successfully completed one academic year with a cumulative GPA of
2.50 or higher. Students meeting the GPA criteria will have credits approved for transfer and the credits will
be placed on the academic transcript at that time. Students failing to meet the GPA criteria after the year-long
grace period will no longer be eligible to receive those credits in transfer and they will then need to take those
courses at YCC.

Students with college credit earned elsewhere will be classified as transfer students.

Yellowstone Christian College reserves the right to require “test-out” to ensure compatibility of courses with
documents provided. Granting of credit for previous education is at the discretion of YCC’s Dean of Academics.

Transcripts from foreign institutions must meet the same requirements as the domestic institutions and they
must be translated.

Yellowstone Christian College does not guarantee the transferability of any credits from any source and advises
the student that transferability of any credit hours earned at YCC may be limited.